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Who doesn't love bacon as a pizza topping? Before I found out about this method I wasn't too keen on frying bacon because of the mess of cleaning up a frying pan and dealing with grease splatter. One day I was watching a cooking show on TV, I forget which show, and they baked bacon on a broiler pan in an oven. As long as you have a dishwasher safe broiler pan this is the easiest and tastiest way to cook bacon.

how to bake bacon in an oven

Set your oven to 375 degrees and line the bacon on your broiler pan. Cook for 15 minutes until the bacon is a crispy as you like. Remove the bacon and roughly chop it. Liberally sprinkle the bacon on your pizza and there you have it. For clean up, let the grease solidify in the broiler pan and scrape it in the trash can. Put the broiler pan in the dishwasher. It doesn't get easier than that. Well I guess you could buy the precooked bacon. Well, that's just no fun now is it?

a bacon pizza

The above photo shows three pizzas: a cheeseless chicken fajita pizza, a simple 17 inch pepperoni pizza, and the one in the foreground of the photo is topped with bacon. It was really good. My only advice when using bacon is to cut back on the salt in your pizza sauce. This way you will not feel too salty the next day. Bacon has a lot of salt!

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