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Quick Cookery from Around the World

A guest post by Charlotte

As we all know, cooking your own food from scratch is the best way to eat healthily and save money. It is only in the last fifty years or so that the "shop bought" variety of everything has taken over from the home cooked. The main problem with home cooking is that it can take up time and that's one thing that most of us don't have much of these days. However, a look at some simple dishes and accompaniments from around the world can give us some inspiration for some quick and easy meals to add a little variety to your diet and remind us that cooking can actually be fun!

Forget Pot Noodles

Jollof rice is a very popular dish in western Africa; originally from Senegal the dish has spread across the rest of the Western part of the continent as a basic, staple food. It's actually delicious on its own but it makes a good accompaniment to a range of dishes. An alternative name is Benachin, which translates as "one pot" and this gives you a pretty good clue as to what the dish entails! Apart from the obvious rice, you'll normally find onions, tomato, red peppers and spices or seasoning. Seasonings can be up to you - it's one of those dishes that'll adapt pretty much to anything you want it to. You can also add meat of your choice to make it a truly one pot meal, other additions include peas, beans and garlic. As mentioned this is excellent as a side dish and it makes an ideal addition to a healthy pack-up. It can be eaten as a quick lunch, like a pot noodle or pot rice, just without the additives! It would go really well even with a glass of cold organic milk.

That's a Wrap

The Sandwich was allegedly invented by the British earl of the same name. However, the idea of putting food in a flour based wrap was hardly new. Wraps of every kind have been the standard issue "food on the go" for millennia and in many cultures wraps or flatbreads are used as a substitute for cutlery - an idea I've adopted as it saves on much unnecessary washing up. Tortillas of the kind bought in supermarkets are great, but they're incredibly easy to make at home. You don't need much experience in the kitchen as the ingredients are limited to water (available from a tap) and Masa Harina - which is also known as ground corn flour. It's the corn flour that gives a tortilla its distinctive taste. Mix the water and the flour into a thick paste and add a little salt to bring out the flavour; then roll out between two sheets of cling-film or plastic. Then dry fry in very hot pan, keeping the tortillas warm in the oven while you cook the next. You can wrap just about anything in the finished tortilla, but spicy chilli topped with a little soured cream or guacamole works best!

Simple French

The French are renowned the world over for their cuisine. The home of good food from the Cordon Bleu to the simplest and tastiest of recipes the French can tell us all a thing or two about good food. The beauty of much French cooking is that it's surprisingly simple and you don't have to be a super chef to produce many classic French dishes. French Onion soup is a hearty meal at any time of year; the very basic recipe includes a massive amount of onions, gently fried off in oil (or butter if you dare) and then a thick beef stock added along with crushed garlic (to taste). The soup needs to simmer quietly for at least an hour; the hot version is normally served up with a homemade crouton topped with gruyere cheese.

Author Bio

Charlotte actively blogs about Travel Trips, Food & Drink covering everything from the latest fashion trends to milk&more veg boxes. When she is free she loves shopping, discovering new products & playing with her dog Mocha.

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Quick Cookery from Around the World

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