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March 25, 2012
14 Inch NY Style Dough
Cheeseless Chicken Fajita Pizza

I love cheese. Sadly some folks have intolerance to lactose which makes eating cheese not so pleasant. Luckily when I have a pizza party I accommodate all of my guests so I whipped up this small 14 inch NY style pizza dough and topped it with leftover chicken fajita toppings. Fantastic! If you or someone you know is lactose intolerant this is a perfect pizza to make. The dough is a classic NY style and the toppings work well with a nice homemade pizza sauce.

cheeseless chicken fajita pizza

Dough Ingredients:

263 grams bread flour
163 grams warm water
0.5 tsp active dry yeast (heaping is ok)
0.5 T kosher salt
0.5 tsp extra virgin olive oil

Pizza Ingredients:

Basic Pizza Sauce Recipe
Red Pepper
Green Pepper
Prepared chicken with fajita spices

I prepared the dough the night before and allowed the dough to rise in the refrigerator overnight. See my pizza dough techniques page for more information on exactly how to make this type of NY style dough.

Before pizza time I heated a large skillet with olive oil and added sliced onions, red peppers, and green peppers and sautéed until almost caramelized. The chicken was from one of those precooked bags of chicken with fajita flavoring added. You could always grill your own chicken of course, but in a pinch the bagged variety works just fine.

NY style dough sitting on a pizza peel

A 14 inch dough recipe is really a personal pizza. It's rather small. You can see that it barely reaches the edges of my pizza peel.

NY style dough

Sauce that pizza!

lactose intolerant pizza on a pizza screen

Oven space was in high demand so while the cheeseless chicken fajita pizza was sitting on the pizza stone I had a 17 inch pepperoni pizza cooking on a pizza screen directly above!

lactose intolerant chicken fajita pizza photos

Wow look at this bad boy. My guest thought it was fantastic. I had a piece and indeed it was very good. I do know one thing for sure. When this guest isn't over I'm adding cheese! Cheese would have made this an over the top A+ pizza pie.

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