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How To Use a Pizza Stone

There is really only one trick to using a pizza stone properly. Get it hot! Really hot!

preheating a pizza stone

I place my pizza stone on the bottom rack of my electric oven. This places it as close as possible to the heating element. I turn my oven on to 550 degrees, which is as hot as it will go.

using a pizza stone at high temperatures

This is a really hot oven. It needs to stay hot for at least an hour to get the stone as hot as it needs to be. If you put a pizza dough on a cold stone it will stick. If you put a pizza dough on a hot stone the dough bottom will sear and cook properly and will not stick. I use a little IR thermometer gun to check the temperature of the stone. I will not put a pizza on my pizza stone until it is at least 500 degrees F.

using a pizza stone at high temperatures

Not ready yet!

To clean my pizza stone I wait until the next day when it has cooled. I then take it out of the oven and hand brush the crumbs off. Never let water hit your stone.

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